Does Ray Rice deserve a Second Chance?


Yes, I saw the video. The security video was horrible. He dragged her out of the elevator after knocking her out and then stands by as others help her. Well, I for one would like to see Ray being outraged with him. He could have killed her. Then, there’s his NFL career that just took its second, no third nose dive.

I find it hard to believe that this young man had no idea of the pit falls of hitting a woman. Especially being an NFL player with multi-million dollar contract. We have Chad Javon Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, a NFL player. Yes, Chad was dropped by the Miami Dolphins because of domestic violence arrest. Chad head butted his newly wed, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument. She filed for divorce and he now plays football in Canada. Sorry to say, Ray Rice has Michael Vick’d himself.

Those of you who were on #TeamRay before the release of the video probably thought the incident was handled and case close. But unfortunately, there was more to see of the different videos. My question is why was he not arrested? In addition, what is the casino liability in their lack of action? Were the paramedics called?

Does Ray deserve a second chance? As Christians we are supposed to forgive. But, we also want to see repentance and other actions that demonstrate his regret and sorrow over his actions.  An anger management course would be a good start. Then, perhaps he should do speaking engagements on the topic of domestic violence.

And, why didn’t the NFL see the video before they handed out 2 game suspensions. Hey NFL, women are fans too! Go Steelers!!