Cuba …


CubaMapcuban smoking cigar

Recently, an American couple kidnapped their own kids and fled by boat to Cuba.  They were found and were immediately returned to the US.  Within 24 hours these children were back in the US thanks to the Cuban government.

CNN found Josh and Sharyn Hakken and their children on their boat in the Hemmingway Marina in Havana Cuba.  Hmm, I wonder if the marina was named after Ernest Hemmingway who use to hang out in Havana.  Any way, this couple lost custody of their children to the maternal grandmother who lived in Florida.
We would like to express our appreciation to the Cuban authorities for their extensive cooperation to resolve this dangerous situation quickly,” spokeswoman Lynn W. Roche said in a statement.

Why don’t we forgive Cuba?  We forgave Russia.  And, we do business with China. Why not Cuba?

I couldn’t resist the Black Cuban  folks with Cuban cigars.