Trayvon Martin


I’m still unable to get my mind around the death o Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old Black boy.  What was Trayvon’s crime?  Being Black in America.  The neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, decided they didn’t like the way this young Black man looked and started to stalk him by following him in his SUV. In broad daylight, Trayvon was walking home from the store with a drink and skittles for his brother.  But this vigilant said Trayvon looked up to something and he had his hand in the waist ban of his pants.  He looked supscious.

 Trayvon was profiled and executed.  When you stop and think about the young Black men you know who are not here.  The tragedy of loosing another innocent boy is heart breaking.  The heart of every mother, grandmother, sister aunt held their breath on the 911 call and tears welled up knowing Trayvon’s mother recognized her baby crying out for help and then hearing the shot that took his life. How could any human being not protest this injustice?

Three weeks later and still no arrest for Trayvon’s murder.

American Voters Rights and Malcolm X

The great orators of my time were the Black freedom fighters in the 50’s and 60’s.  Everyone has heard of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech but there were those from different parts of Black life inAmericawho fought for civil rights too.  For example, the Muslim Malcolm X.  One of the great orators I did not have the privilege of hearing much of was Malcolm X.  He came up in an article concerning the present national office of the NAACP President Ben Jealous.   Listen to Malcolm short interview”

Jealous is up in arms concerning the state legislation in many states who are putting laws in place to disenfranchise minority groups.  Jealous is charging these states are executing a campaign to keep the minority groups, elderly citizens and the young from voting. Jealous and other organizations are traveling to Genevato ask the Human Rights Commission to investigate these states.  “We are hoping they will come over here, look at the impact of these laws, look at the intent, and actually render their recommendations about what actions we should take with regard to these laws,” USA Today quoted Jealous as saying during a media conference call on.

In my state voter ID legislation is house bill 934 and considered the toughest voter ID legislation in the country.