Dick Gregory Rest In Peace

Dick Gregory
Oct 12, 1932 – August 19, 2017

My First Hero

In my youth, I was consciously aware of the Black and white divide by living in a predominately white middle to low-income neighborhood.  Have I been called a “nigger” in this environment?  Yes.  I have two distinct memories as a child under the age of 8 years old being called “nigger” by little chubby white girl with red hair, Susie.  And by the way, she was the same age as me.  Just saying!

Moving forward to the civil rights movement, I was a young teenager who didn’t really believe in turning the other cheek but I wasn’t for violence meeting with more violence.  My eyes were opened to the country I lived in by Dick Gregory.  His cowboy analogy, I cleaned house by.  “When mother America forgets ….”, “ … the cowboy always needs an Indian” and “… history repeats itself and 4 lay dead…”  Awesome man, comedian, and activist.



October dickgregory212th


1932 – Richard Claxton Gregory is born in St. Louis, Missouri.
He will be better known as “Dick” Gregory and in tdick-gregory4he
1960’s will become a comedic pioneer, bringing a new
perspective to comedy and opening many doors for Black
entertainers. Once he achieves success in the
entertainment world, he will shift gears and use his
talents to help causes in which he believes.  He will
serve the community for over forty years as a comedian,
civil and human rights activist and health/nutrition
advocate. On October 9, 2000, his friends and
supporters will honor him at a Kennedy Center gala,
showing him their “appreciation for his uncommon
character, unconditional love, and generous service.

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Here we go again …

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

You know your are in deep sh*t when NPR is talking about you.  Yeah, I heard on NPR the resurrection of Dave Chappelle doing stand-up comedy isn’t going well again.  When Chappelle walked away from Comedy Central $50 million deal he seemed to be on a different comedy path.  This is his second attempt at stand up comedy and again hecklers bothered him to the point he could not continue the show.  Has he become too sensitive for stand-up?

It’s Not OK Russell…

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons

I can’t believe my first ever Black female hero, Harriet Tubman, was defamed by Russell Simmons. Harriet Tubman is a big hero of the African’s history in American slavery. We need to tell their story not so we won’t forget but for everyone to remember. I love Russell Simmons’ work and his commentaries on certain subjects like “Don Lemon” so I’m befuddled by the Harriet Tubman sex tape.  WTF??!?  Are we turning into a Black society that takes sacred historical figures and use them for song and comedy?  I hope not.  Does he know what this woman has done to earn her place history?

The state of Maryland offered a $12,000.00
Slave Owners offered reward

Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Dorchester County, MD in 1820.  . Her master rented her out at various times of her young life starting at the age of 5 years old. At the age of 12 years old she was hit in the head with a by a white overseer for refusing to assist in tying up a man who had attempted to escape.  Since this incident Harriet suffered black outs that happened unexpectedly for the rest of her life.  In December 1860, she made her last rescue trip to Maryland, bringing seven people to Canada. In the ten years she worked as a “conductor” on the Railroad, Harriet managed to rescue over 300 people. She had made 19 trips and never lost a passenger on the way. She also rescued her elderly parents and got them to Canada. So, I’m truly befuddled as to why someone would think it was a good idea to do a derogatory comedy skit about an awesome heroine.

Harriet Tubman on the left.
Harriet Tubman on the left. 1887

Simmons’ apologized for his indiscretion.  I say thanks for the apology but I got one eye on you now!