EBOLA: On American Soil


This Ebola situation in America is becoming a CF (cluster-fuck)!! I mean really. First we have an African from Liberia, Thomas Eric Duncan, who had contact with an Ebola patient in Africa and flies from Africa to Dallas, TX and in a matter of days he dies from Ebola. Unfortunately, a nurse who was caring for Duncan has Ebola, another nurse who cared for him is fighting Ebola and now a lab employee who may have handled Duncan specimens is being quarantined on a cruise trip. I think we should take a closer look at the CDC who we have counted on to protect us from lethal viruses and mysterious lethal whatever that invades America.



Well, there are other areas in Africa and in the world who are on the chart of the CDC Ebola Distribution Map. There is one in Nigeria, two in Spain and now two in Texas. These were folks traveling to these areas from West Africa. OK folks, the smart thing to do is ban air travel for those who could’ve been exposed. Texas, you are wrong for not quarantine the entire staff that worked with him. CDC, you should have banned any type of travel and quarantined these folks. Now, we have folks that got to be quarantined in Cleveland, OH because a nurse who worked with Duncan flew to Cleveland to plan her wedding and now she is sick. This is like a bad movie!! Unfortunately, the money markets might be effected by these Ebola anomalies’ that now we have a third Ebola victim here in America. Everyday air travel is being effected by Ebola bad decision making. I won’t be traveling by plane anytime soon or taking a cruise.

So, what I’m sayings is we will have to protect ourselves because the CDC has proven to me that they are not the agency we need to keep us safe. We must be diligent and mindful of our environment and surroundings in order to keep ourselves safe. OMG, Cleveland is less than two hours away!  I have started to avoid all folks who look like immigrants. Yes! A friend who works for a state immunization told me such diseases like Tuberculosis and whooping cough is on the rise because we are not doing du-diligences at our borders to keep the rest of us safe from disease and mayhem. Now, I know that to be true with this Ebola virus in America. The $64,000.00 question is how did these health workers become infected? And, what chance do we have if the experts don’t know how they became infected?