All Eyes on Stubenville, OH …

What a tragedy!  Two promising high school football players, of the famed Stubenville High School “Big Red” football team found guilty of rape in Juvenile Court.  One teenager Trent Mays, 17, white and the other teenager Ma’Lik Richmond, 16,  Black.  Thank God they were not tried in adult court or they would’ve gotten much more time and their lives would’ve been beyond repair. Unfortunately, your juvenile record follows you into adulthood.  I’m sure Trent Mays will recover his life after he serves his 2 years but Ma’Lik will have a different outcTrent Mays, Ma'lik Richmondome after he serves his 1 year in a juvenile facility.  What’s astonishing to me is the evidence that was used in the trail.  Social media entities like; instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, smart phones with texting, pictures and video recordings.  Cyber evidence – the new pursuit of evidence in law enforcement.

I got to tell you, my heart broke and I cried like a baby when the verdict of guilty was announced.  I knew that they would probably be found guilty but what I didn’t realize was the emotion I would feel as a mother and grandmother.  These boys did a very foolish thing and hopefully this mistake with dire consequences will make these boys better human beings.  And, more importantly, parents will become better parents because if not for God’s grace there go I.  Yes, this could’ve been your child facing trail or the victim of a rape.  We know are children do DUMB shit!!  They took something that they can’t give back – like this girl’s reputation, self-esteem,  and much more.on victims side

Whoever this girl is, I’m sure the community knows who she is, her life in this community will not be the same.  A day after the court case, the victim was threatened on Facebook and twitter.  And, those who threatened her were arrested.  So, now there are other juvenile lives caught up in this.  How will her classmates receive her?  There are those with public agendas that were supporting her.  Is there anyone in her community supporting her?  At this point she will probably suffer isolation from all that’s familiar.  Stubenville is a torn community in the media spot light.  My question is where were these kids’ parents?

There is talk of convening a grand jury to investigate others who were there or knew about the rape.  Also, the parents where the party and rape took place could face charges.  Bravo, for the district attorney because I too would like to know where were the parents.

Supreme Court – Voting Rights!

I love this segment of SNL with Kevin Hart and Seth Meyers about the Supreme Court. excerpt from Black Voices – Huffington Post:

Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia saying that key parts of the Civil Rights Act is the result of the “perpetuation of racial entitlement,” “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers and stand-up comedian Kevin Hart had one question for Scalia and the right wing of the Supreme Court: Really?!