Secrets from the Hood: Chitlins


Chitterlings, chitlins , chit’lins.  Whatever you call them, some Black folks find them a delicacy of southern soul food and a must at a holiday celebration.

The History of Chitlins:

During slavery, the slaves had a very poor diet.  According to several writings from actual slaves, a slaves’ diet included molasses, chitlins, hamhocks, corn meal, Indian corn, black-eyed peas, very little vegetables or fish, and some birds.  Whatever their masters in the plantation did not want or threw away, THAT is what the slaves consumed…them and their children.
bucket of chitterlings

And, you only cook chitlins in the months with an ‘R’ in it.  That’s the old rule.

Did you know there are women who you can pay to clean chitlins?  Yes, its true that there are women who are know for cleaning chitlins for others for pay or they will clean a bucket for a bucket.

Cleaning chitlins, I know from first hand experience, is a daunting task that takes hours to clean.  Even-though we have been told how bad chitlins are for our health and the fact that this is considered slaves food we still cook and eat it. There are families who expect chitlins to be part of the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.

How wonderful to have them cleaned by someone that has a reputation for adequately cleaning chitlins!  Now, the cooking is on you and that’s a much easier process than cleaning.

chitlin dinner

Bon Appetite!