My name is Diamond and I write the blog blackoutloud.  I want to vent on topics that are related to being Black, folks of color, Negro, colored, African-American or however you want to describe yourself and living in America. I am a mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, cousin and recently a great-grandmother as well as Black.  Black is the way I describe myself.

Motherhood came early in my teens and I still graduated from high school.  And, I must give praise to those along the way who believed in me and supported me during the struggle for my bachelor degree.  Fortunately, I come from an extended family that believes in supporting each other and promoting education as a tool for success.  I can’t say my immediate family members are on board with the idea education is the way but I keep promoting it whether they are taking it to heart or not.

 I live in a Black community where there are plenty of joys as well as plenty of tears.  I can afford to live in the suburbs but prefer to be around my people.  There is nothing like a Black church on Sunday morning or a Black hair salon on Saturday and I can’t leave out the joy my people bring to my life on a daily basis.  Not to say they don’t have their troubles and woes but we feel each other.   I love my folks and want them to succeed as well as survive as a people.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Diamond,
    I like your blog- just signed up. I’m hoping you can be of some assistance to me. My book , “On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America” will be out in about a month. I’m hoping to reach the African American market and am looking for “out of the box” approaches- ie, blogs, social media networks, etc. in addition to traditional media campaigns.
    My most recent post gives some links about this project.
    Hope you can check it out!

  2. Hi!

    My name is Anna and I came across your blog today. I think it’s great!

    I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network to cast a new docu-series that will explore unique perspectives on parenting — styles like attachment parenting, authoritative parenting, green parenting… you name it, we’re interested in hearing about it.

    If there’s any way you can help us spread the word, or recommend someone for the program, we’d be very appreciative. Perhaps you’ll find our search appropriate for a post on your website, or worth sharing on Facebook, etc. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m always available to speak with you.

    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be conducting interviews with prospective parents and families. These interviews will largely take place via webcam, so no travel will be required. Any parents that are interested in being considered are
    encouraged to get in touch with me as soon as they can. If you are interested in participating in the show, I would love to speak with you on the phone.

    If you are able to post the casting call, here is the information. Thanks so much for your help, and don’t hesitate to be in touch!

    What’s your parenting style? You could be featured on a new cable series.

    Are you an attachment parent? Tiger Mom? A green parent? Free range? Authoritative? Permissive? Or do you have a style that’s all your own?

    We’re looking for moms and dads with unique perspectives on parenting for a new series on a top-rated national cable network. Please send your name, phone number, e-mail address, a description of your family/parenting style, and a photo to casting@punchedinthehead.com.

    More info available at http://punchedinthehead.com/casting.

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