Here we go again! A gun in the hands of a crazy man.

Here we go again! A gun in the hands of a crazy man.

Is there any doubt that Vester Lee Flanagan had some kind of mental break down? Here is a Black man who was fired 2 years ago by the WGBJ TV station, shows up at an interview and open fire on the television crew killing the female interviewer and the camera man. What can we do to end so much violence in our communities?

Everyone takes aim at gun control as a solution but have we considered mental health. Mental health is ignored. Why? Is mental health violence in our society uncontrollable? Everyone has rights including the mentally ill. They have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to have their privacy protected along with the right to receive age and culturally appropriate services. In addition, the mentally ill have the right to understand available treatment options and alternatives. Of course, we can’t leave out the right to not be discriminated against on the basis of age, race or type of illness. So, what do we do to make sure the mentally ill are in check? Because we know what happens when they are not in check.

2012 – Sandy Nook Elementary School, Connecticut – Adam Lanza known mental health problems. He kills his mother and then 20 students and 6 staff members of the school.

2012- Movie Theatre, Aurora, Co – James Eagan Holmes killed 12 people and 70 were hurt when he open fire on the audience.

2015 – Movie Theatre, LaFayette, La – John Russell Houser who opened fire in a movie theatre and killed 2 people.

And more….

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