Today in Black History – August 23rd

* Today in Black History – August 23             *

1826 – Edward A. Jones receives his B.A. degree from Amherst
College. John Brown Russwurm is considered to be the
first African American in America to graduate from
college.  Two years after entering Bowdoin College, he
receives his baccalaureate degree on September 6, 1826.
Edward A. Jones, the lesser known of the two, graduates
just two weeks prior on this date in 1826 from Amherst
College. Both men will receive their Masters Degrees,
John in 1829 and Edward in 1830.

1833 – Great Britain frees 700,000 slaves in its colonies.

1892 – O.E. Brown, inventor, receives a patent for a horseshoe.

1900 – The National Negro Business League is formed in Boston,
Massachusetts.  Sponsored by Booker T. Washington, the
organization is established to stimulate the development
of African American businesses.

1908 – Fifty-two nurses, led by Martha M. Franklin, form the
National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses.

1917 – A riot occurs in Houston, Texas, when the 24th Infantry
seeks revenge on the city’s white police after the brutal
beating of two of the regiment’s soldiers.  After two
hours of violence, 15 whites, including four policemen,
will be killed and 12 more are injured.  Four soldiers
will die as a result of the violence.  One hundred and
eighteen soldiers will be charged in connection with the
riots and 19 executed, most in almost total secrecy, in
one of the most infamous court-martials ever involving
African Americans.

1989 – An African American teenager named Yusef Hawkins is chased
and beaten to death by a mob of 30 white youths from the
neighborhood of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, New York.  The
only provocation is that he is African American in an
all-white neighborhood.

2003 – Bobby Bonds joins the ancestors at the age of 57 after
succumbing to lung cancer. He was a former San Francisco
Giant player.

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