The New Indian … Young Black Males

Dick Gregory’s album “Kent State” use the analogy of America being a cowboy and his latest Indian being his own children. Well, I guess its our Black men/boys turn to be the Indian in American society. But, our young Black children are fighting back through social media. It feels like, “I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it anymore” via Martin Luther King Jr way of non-violence. I have complained for a while now about the negative way African American men and boys are portrayed on the news. They are labelled as menace to society, violent or dangerous by the media.ButgLU_CEAAFLvd.jpg large


Our Black children our fighting back through selfies of themselves in two different pictures with the hash tag #IfTheyGunMeDown which picture would they use. The media puts forth the worst light when it comes to young Black men/boys. Meanwhile, there is a push for the media to start using softer words for reporting and describing the news on crazy folks who threaten or do harm to themselves and others. Instead of using crazy person you would use mentally challenged. These folks are officially crazy!! How about trying the same with our young Black men/boys? Put less of a negative spin on the news about them.

 ButntSHIMAEMd1h.jpg small ButntS0IcAA_DzP.jpg large

Police are more feared in our community than admired. I have witnessed traffic stops that have made me cringe and I felt compelled to watch until the person was in handcuffs and placed in the police car. Not out of curiosity but in hopes with someone watching the police will do no harm to the Black man/boy.

But4-B8CQAAxz2n.jpg largeBut4-BICMAEOxHs.jpg small









Now, there are riots in St Louis because the people are sick and tired and are not going to sit back and take it anymore.

Burn Baby Burn!!

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