Protect and Serve?


When a Black mother gets a call that her son has been stopped by the police sheer panic takes on a life of its own in her heart. There are so many incidents of white police officer shooting unarmed young Black men/boys nationally that Black folks are starting to protest this injustice by rioting. Is that the only way Black folks can express their outrage? We are helpless and at this point any response is better than no response.

Mike Brown


There was Eric Garner last month pleading for his life, “I can’t breathe” and we watched as he took his last breathe with several officers on top and using the infamous chock-hold. Now, we Black folks suffer another lost with 18 year old Mike Brown from Ferguson, Mo. a suburb outside of St. Louis. A witness says he had his hands in the air submissively. How much can a Black mother take?

Is this what my grandparents went through hearing of a lynching in the community? Back in the day, folks had a lot of kids. My grandparents only had two sons amongst their brood of eight. Did they worry about them being murdered at the hands of a lynching mob? As I was watching the morning news, they showed Mike Brown’s mother stating they took something away from her that they had no right to do. I can’t watch anymore news cast on the subject. It’s too painful! Protect and serve has a different meaning for Black folks.


Where are the Black organizations that should be taking the stand, “no justice no peace.” NAACP, Urban League, Black legislators, fraternities and sororities, where are you!!

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