5 Pet Peeves for this week

  1. cheeriosinterracialWhy is it that some successful Black men end up marrying white women. I have nothing against white women. I’m just curious! One young man told me he preferred white women because they don’t give you hassles or snap out and/or do something outrageous. I’m sure he is talking about the last Black woman (whom he lived with) that drove him around and let him use her car when he wanted to because he didn’t have car. But the brother crossed the line when he had her take him to buy beer (she paid for)and then drop him off at his mom’s where him and his friends had a good time drinking, talking, laughing and doing what young Black men do late into the night. He decided to stay at mom’s house while girlfriend waited for him to call to be picked up. Well, about 4am mom was awakened by a car horn and a young lady shouting. Well sista girl was angry because she felt as though she put herself out for him and he didn’t come home. Well she said if you want to be at mom’s here is your clothes and proceeded to throw them in the street in front of mom’s house. He never dated another Black woman. I could say more on the subject but I’ll save that for another blog.
  2. vanilla careVanilla care of chocolate hair. Yes, I’m going to say it, “white mothers of brown children” please learn to do your daughters hair. It’s not acceptable that a brown girl’s hair is a mess! Ok, your hair isn’t a mess so take the time to learn about your brown child’s hair care. It is extremely hard to help a young brown/Black child deal with hair issues when mom looks entirely different and not setting the example. Hello, when a Black woman sees a brown child with her white mother and the child’s hair is a mess it turns our stomach. Some Black women prefer to look away because the sight is so disturbing. We take pride in our hair. The child’s hair is not like yours so treat it as such. Get informed!! Here is a website where you can get a hint as to what to do. http://www.chocolatehairvanillacare.com/
    Black hair is not quick and easy. And, we take pride in our hair too.



3. Another pet peeve is young Black mothers who don’t know who their baby daddy is. I don’t want to be invited to a baby shower where the baby receives everything but a daddy. When did that become acceptable? Young ladies please listen carefully, having sex because it feels good without protection is “ratchet” behavior. And, one guy a menstrual cycle should be the rule for unprotected sex if you are having sexual relations with more than one man. Seems to be a lot of friends with benefits out there.


4. crimeThe senseless killing of our young Black men by police and its always justified! I don’t want to hate the police but it’s hard not to when you see someone you have known to be a docile young man and then he appears on the news as another young Black man who had a gun in his hand running from the police. The police officer fired 6 rounds into his back. All this over a traffic stop?? And, the incident is deemed justified!




5. naacpThe NAACP! Who stays silent on above topics. We should still protest on the steps of city hall when a young Black man is killed. Have a mock funeral in front of city hall, Louisiana style. What does the NAACP do for Black folks? Oh, take money from racist whites.

2 thoughts on “5 Pet Peeves for this week”

  1. Hello there, I like ur article, but being a asian guy that likes dating n been in long term relationship with black ladies, I find ur 1st thought wrong in a way. Have u ever dated or been in a long term relationship with guys outside ur race? Y think about a successful blk guy being with a white girl, instead why not think y cant or y wont a black girl be with a successful white or asian guy? If she can then its all gravy, sometime people see only race n ur close to the thought of finding good guys in other races so they stick in their own race n complain there no good guys n the good ones r taken by the white women, n its so limiting. I know that there r so many ghetto guys n the good ones may date outside their race, but then y can’t it be said for blk women too? Honestly I see lots of white n asian guys tht r successful that loves the chocolate, branch out n see wht those blk guys see, a love witout color. This is just my opinion, like ur article, i agree with a lot of the other thoughts.

  2. 1. “Successful” Black men who marry Caucasian women, are in minuscule numbers. Black successful and non-successful men, still marry Black women at a disproportionate rate, when compared to marrying any other group of women. If a successful Black male ends up marrying a non-Black woman, that reasoning is the same as why any man would marry any woman. They simply ended up that way. When we begin placing conspiracy theories on this subject, it makes the discussion larger than life. Are there men from one group, who end up marrying women from other groups? That is most definitely yes. However, their reasons differ, and we should not have any concern as to the why. This is simply because each group still marries from within at disproportionate levels.

    2. The concept of hair is interesting, because in several situations, I have witnessed some Black women wearing a variation of different weaves and things of the sort. When you see their daughter, her hair looks nothing like her mother. In essence, this is already setting a complex in the young girl, because the person she should emulate, is trying to emulate someone else. To her young mind, this teaches her to follow suit as she gets older and the cycle continues. With a non-Black woman raising a Black girl, she at least has an excuse why her hair appears differently than the Black child. To her, she may lack the knowledge on properly styling the young girl’s hair. However, that is not an excuse, because that is where you turn to YouTube videos and online tutorials.

    3. I cannot fix the issues of self-worth. I can help to educate young girls by explaining sex does not define them and therefore, allowing any guy to enter their body is not something one should highlight. This epidemic of fatherless homes–it is quite sad. There is much work to be done in this arena, and though it affects all racial groups, it seems to really hit lower income Blacks.

    4 and 5 go hand-in-hand. In fact, I will even add number 3 here. There is a culture among the corrupt cops, where they can release their anger on any person they choose. They do not fear repercussions, because they are fully aware the act will somehow become brushed aside. Black groups refrain from tackling this epidemic, along with the single parent household virus, because it goes against their agenda.

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