Zimmerman Again!!

zimmerman take oath

Well, George Zimmerman is in the news again.  This is a violent man to those who he perceives as weak like a woman, old man  or a child.  But, when it comes to a real man or someone with authority he becomes passive.  Hmm, let’s see Zimmerman had to take anger-management classes in 2005. Had a fight with his wife who left to stay with her family the night before Trayvon Martin was murdered by Zimmerman.  Then, after his acquittal, he has a fight with his wife that gets violent and now his new girlfriend, baby mama, has called the police because he put a gun in her face.  Zimmerman seems to still have anger-management problems.  There is no doubt in my mind he took his anger out on Trayvon Martin that night.  He hunted Trayvon down to have a violent confrontation is what I believe.  What do you believe.

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