It Is What It Is …The morning after the verdict.


As a Black female who is blessed with grandchildren, I feel numb hearing the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.  My granddaughter woke me up to tell me the verdict – GEORGE ZIMMERMAN – NOT GUILTY.  The jury was made up of 6 women.  I wondered why all women.  Were they all white women?  Are white women afraid of Black male teenagers?  And, one would say, being a southern state, racism is a prerequisite for being white from the south.  Yes, I said it!!  I believe the south is still  racist!   I’m glad there were demonstrations and national out-cry over the verdict.  Maybe we should boy-cot Florida!

justice for trayvon

Are we shocked as Black folks, NO.  Injustice is part of the American experience for us.  The plots and deliberate actions to further hinder our success as a people are too numerous to mention in this blog.

American society through their legislation has systematically broken our homes apart and now large numbers of our men are in prisons, removed from the community and from the family. Now this verdict gives the ok to kill our un-armed  17 year old sons and get away with it.

I guess it is what it is…. Being Black in America!!  SMH! Where is our Black leaders and what are they doing to address this injustice?

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