5 things that made last week a crappy week …


5 Things that made last week a crappy week….

most crappy....
most crappy….
  1. The Supreme Court’s ruling on the voting rights act.  Yes, they killed the very essence of the voting rights act and the President and those from the civil rights movement are disappointed with the court’s decision.  “I think what the court did today is stab the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in its very heart,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who was with President Johnson when he signed the law and who was beaten at Selma, said on the MSNBC program “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”  Another pet peeve, Clarence “UNCLE TOM” Thomas our Black Justice who does everything in his power to lash out at Black folks like he hates us as well as himself.  Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a concurring opinion and said that he would have struck down not just the map but the requirement that any jurisdiction get federal clearance to change a voting law. OMG!!  What planet is this man ON.
  2. Trayvon Martin trial started and it was difficult to hear news from the court room.  George Zimmerman case is an example of how a white man can kill a 17 year old unarmed Black boy for just walking down the street and its NOT a typical case of racial profiling but of “standing your ground” bullsh*t.  How does a Black mother bear the lost of her son but stay strong to fight for justice for her son?  trayvon_martin_zimmerman
  3. Mandela is dying.  One of my heroes of the 21st century. And now, Mandela is dying.  I was never concerned about Black people at the International level until I learned of South Africa and Mandela. He opened my eyes to the plight of Black South Africans at the hands of apartheid.
    mandella young nelson
  4. Paula Deen has “Michael Vick” herself this week.  Yeah, I heard Jamie Foxx on a hip-hop radio station respond when ask, “What’s new, Jamie.” And he said, “I’m just trying not to Michael Vick myself, man.”  I was a fan of Paula’s until this week.  Being Black, I automatically assume that if a person is white and from the south then you could be a racist.  Well, you REALLY think all white people are racist until they show you they are NOT.
  5. I gained weight on vacation and that’s crappy too!

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