Happy Fathers Day


This is a day of “celebration” for your dad, father, pop and dada, whatever you call yours.  Folks buy cards, gifts and could celebrate the day with a poem or this is your life on CD. That’s the one thing I never had to do was decide what I was buying my father for father’s day.  He just wasn’t around. I knew his name and remember seeing him when I was 8 years old but that was the extent of the “father daughter moment.”

I did reach out to him when I was 25 years old. I was at that stage in life where you are discovering who you really are and that “father” piece of my puzzle was missing.  I ask could we communicate with a phone call but  I got no response. And when I pushed the messenger for his phone number,  I was told its best that I don’t contact him. What do you do with that?  Well, I decided to declare myself a “fatherless daughter.”  Damn Skippy!!  I am a fatherless daughter and the only man that fathered me at all was my maternal grandfather.  He was an expert father.  After all, he was the father of 8 children.father

My grandfather introduced me to religion.  We were in church often enough for me to remember and we participated in enough Easter Sunday recitals to have obtained a bravery stance to public speaking. Also, he taught me to fight back and don’t run.  Hit them back if they hit. I called him “dada” and he had the softest hair that he let me comb as he sat in his favorite chair.  I can remember looking forward to hearing the Steel Mill whistle blow because I knew he would be coming up the hill towards home. And then life would get interesting.

My dada would be relaxing on the porch swing with me and I would tell him all that I knew. I was an adult when I learned that my interesting stuff I told my dada got other family members into trouble.  They had secrets that they didn’t want my dada to know. But, now I realize how he listened to me as a child.  He took the time when he didn’t have to. He died when I was 9 years old. I knew he loved me and cared for me.  And yes, I’m sure he prayed for me.

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