Charles Ramsey the Hero

Charles Ramsey is the hero of the hour in Cleveland.  But, not only Cleveland but he has gone viral on the internet.  You know, only Ramsey could have rescued those women.  Every other neighbor heard something at one time or another but didn’t go investigate but instead called the police. Well, Ramsey said he was eating his McDonald’s meal when he heard her and investigated.  He found a young woman trying to escape from the house next door.  With his help, the young woman got out and the horrid tale begins to unravel with Ramsey in the middle as the hero.  His neighbor, Ariel Castro, make the mistake of eating ribs with Ramsey.  Because then Ramsey understood Ariel to be an ok guy and if there is a problem next door his neighbor wouldn’t mind him checking it out.  After all, they have had ribs together and as a friend he wants to be helpful. Yep, no one else could’ve freed those women but Ramsey.

Welcome to hero-hood because it was only you who could have rescued them. Someone has auto tuned (an audio process that can be used to distort the human voice) his interview with CNN.


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