Terror in Boston


As time passes and I get older, I find I’m like the sister in the Secret Life of Bees, where bad news was soo painful that she had a rock shrine for whatever it was that caused her sadness.  For example, the marathon bombing was a heartbreaking tragedy but to hear news reports of how they found the second bombing suspect, my motherly instincts kicked in.  The thought that a 19 year old boy lying in a boat wounded and possibly dying a slow death, broke my heart.  Do you remember being 19!  I know I was pretty stupid at 19 years old.  What is wrong in the world where our youth do things that affect their lives forever?  I’m curious as to WHY this young man threw his life away.  After all, he came to America at a young age and obviously the time the family was here they reaped the benefits of life in America based on the fact that their son attended the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Schools in Boston are prestige institutions such as Harvard, Boston College, MIT, Berklee College of Music, and University of Massachusetts.  As though life as a terrorist was a video game that became real and now its over and he can go back to his life as a college student.

When I heard his mother state that he was killed because he was a Muslim sparked my patriotism.  I was taken back by the comment.  I’m not the type of person who looks for things to make me patrotic but the accusation that we killed her son because of his religion pissed me off.  Americans died because of her son!!!  And, I’m angry about that especially a 8 year old boy was among the dead.

The technology that law enforcement possesses is awesome because we as the public don’t get to see the arsenal of devices that are used in this day and age with automatic weapons, grenades and other devices in the hands of criminals, we- the average Joe Public don’t know anything about hi- tech weapons until something as horrible as the Marathon Bombings.


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