Martin Luther King Jr.

mlk-lorraine balcony
Lorraine Hotel Balcony

Martin Luther King was known as a civil rights leader.  In addition, he was a Nobel Prize winner and he received a American holiday on his birthday, January 15th, or on that Monday near the 15th, because of his lasting effect on American society.

Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered as he stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel on April 4, 1968.  Black Americans were so outraged riots broke out across the country in major cities.

memphis 1968
Memphis Riots 1968

Businesses were looted and set on fire and cars turned on their roofs.  The television showed buildings on fire, but the pictures don’t tell that the fire department was not risking their lives to fight these fires so in some instances the buildings burned themselves out.

Louisville, Ky 1968 Riots

In some cities the National Guard was called to restore order, remove folks from the street and enforce curfews.   And yes, there were deaths associated with the riots of 1968.

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