Sweet Honey in the Rock

What is Sweet Honey in the Rock ?

Sweet Honey in the Rock is a grammy award winning group of African American women who come together to express their musical talent in  a capella songs, unique musical instruments, dance and sign language.  The first time I saw this artistic group perform, I fell in love with the essence of their a capella style and hypnotic rhythm.  You feel as though all the African American music experience is being performed in blends from blues, jazz, rap, reggae and gospel. The group has been producing music for more than 30 years.

Where does the groups name come from?

From Psalm 81:16 comes the promise to a people of being fed by honey out of the rock. Honey – an ancient substance, sweet and nurturing. Rock – an elemental strength, enduring the winds of time. The metaphor of sweet honey in the rock captures completely these African American women whose repertoire is steeped in the sacred music of the Black church, the clarion calls of the civil rights movement, and songs of the struggle for justice everywhere.

Listen and enjoy it is the season.  Next post will reveal biographies of the group founder and members.

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