Bougie Black Folks

“Really? Howard grad? Hyde Park kid? And an AKA? Bougie? In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue and Flavor Flav is a coon.”

What is bougie?  Wikipedia definition states bougie is snobbish upper class people derived from the word Bourgeoisie and is synonymous with the ruling upper class of a capitalist society.

Now for some black folks being called bougie could be like cursing at them, depending.  In some black social circles bougie means you are ignoring race, pretending to be superior, and not in touch with your blackness. But, some would consider being called bougie a complement. 

 For example, some of the bougie Black folks vacation at Martha Vineyards, belong to the associates that are accused of using the brown bag test for membership and consider themselves part of the upper class where they indulge in charity events, alumni celebrations and celebrity galas.  In addition, the bougie Black folks have a membership card for the NAACP voted to the boardroom, invited to proper award ceremonies and has a Jack and Jill membership.  That’s the person some folks would consider bougie. 

Who doesn’t want to be considered bougie?  Doesn’t it mean you have come a long way from meager beginnings or your college education has paid off?  I have friends that say, “… you sound white” but what am I suppose to sound like when you call me at work.  And yes, I have learned to speak proper English because I want a job.  Or, have a friend comment, “ … you always acting too good, … all bougie …”  Even a loving relative, invited me over to watch a bootleg movie and when I say “No thank you, I just don’t care to see people walk in front of the camera.” smh! They responded by stating, “Oh, that’s right, you bougie and all.”

But on the real, every ethnic group has their class system.  White folks have their trailer-trash and we have our ghetto-fabulous.  During slavery, there were the house slave and the field slave.  If bougie means wanting to vote in political elections, enjoy civic equality, pursue an education and a comfortable lifestyle, well then I’m bougie!

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