Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

Will the powers that be ever forgive Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna?  Don’t think so. A young Black man in America being forgiven for a mistake or for being young and dumb even possible.  I mean, even Micheal Vick had a hard time being forgiven after serving federal prison sentence.  The media is holding tight to the incident between Chris and Rihanna, who by the way still love each other.  Of course, there is penance to be paid for  the physical abuse that occurred the night before or the the night of the Grammys and the release of Rihanna’s battered face crushed her fans and devastated Chris Brown with legal issues as well as damage to his career.  I’m not sure if its safe to like his music without someone looking sideways.  It use to be, as Jaimie Fox said in an interview, you try not to “Michael Vick” yourself.  But, that might have changed to don’t Chris Brown yourself.

I believe the physical fight between the two was not the first and probably both of them were surprised at the outside world’s reaction and was scrambling for a less damaging spin.  Unfortunately, this was not repairable.  So, they were doomed to be lovers who could not be together.  Now, we hear about secret birthday wishes to each other, congratulation hugs at award shows.  The media feast is about to begin.  I must say it doesn’t help when Rihanna, during an interview with Oprah,states with the world listening, “I still love him.”  Well close the  damn door!! 

Hopefully, Rihanna isn’t like one of those women who alway tie themselves to an abusive man whether its physical or mental.  Yes there are women who for whatever reason seem to draw the same type of abusive men.  I was surprised the first time I noticed Joyce down the street had one abusive relationship, one right after the other. It was sad to watch.  But back to Chris, I forgive him because he is young and I honestly believe he his sorry too.  Now he knows how famous he his and how much attention will be placed on him if he ever does anything like that again.  The tattoo on his neck reminds me of the masquerade face mask and just maybe it could be what the media suspects it is.  Chris Brown tattoo could be an attempt to pay his own artistic homage and penance for his bad behavoir.

My question, why was she not an outraged victim like Evelyn?

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