My Pretty Black Hair

I’ve had my hair perm-ed for years so I could fit in the work place.  Then at different times, determined by hormones or the need for something different, I would drastically change my hair from short to long.  Then I went very short curly natural  style.  I loved my short natural.  Eventually, I went to the single twist and that style lasted for a few years. 

You know the style of single or double twist.  I loved the twist from start to the end.  This was a style I could wear for 6 weeks and don’t have to do anything but wear a scarf at night.  I loved the beautician aka Charlee.  It would take 2 to 21/2 hours, between sitting in the chair and then under the dryer .  So much quicker than a perm. A perm could easily go 5 hours.  The stylist makes the hair style, for REAL!!  Not every stylist can do twist.  So, when you see someone with the style you want ask, “where did you get your hair done. Its sharp!”


Now, I would like to dread or Lock my hair.  Not like the true Jamiacan dreadlocks but Black America style dreads/locks.  Bob Marley style is bit too much for me.  The American style is must neater.  After all, I still need to earn a living in a predominately white world so I can pay the mortgage!

One thought on “My Pretty Black Hair”

  1. Yeah, I recently twisted my hair, going against everything I felt about “fitting in” or “looking suspicious” to police. I love the natural look, and now I don’t even see how ladies could perm their hair anymore. It says so much about a person who goes natural.


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