Christmas Memories

Christmas is a special time of the year for families.  College students head home for holiday break.  It’s the one break that college students are expected home. Soldiers are heading home to celebrate with family and friends. Folks near and far pack up to travel to that awesome place called home.  And, this is the time of year that folks feel the most charitable and full of love.  The one thing that can be said about Black folks at this time of year is we are willing to make a way for our children to have a wonderful Christmas. Christmas was always a special time of the year since I was a young child.

I was partial raised in my grandfather’s house and enjoyed the safe and loving environment of his home. At Christmas, aunts and uncles would send packages of presents and some would visit. The house was full of love, laughter and the smell of grandma’s Christmas dinner cooking. And, I can’t forget the snow.

There were lots and lots of snow to sled ride, make snow angels, snow ball battles and build caves. After hours of playing in the snow, we would go inside and peel off our snow caked hat, gloves, boots and wet clothes.  Then, we would be called to sit at the kitchen table with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.  We always had our own bag of goodies with our name on it under the tree.  I believe my mother and grandmother would put candy, nuts, fruit, and cookies in a bag for each of us kids to keep us out of the fruit bowl and candy dishes around the house.

It seemed that grown folks always had a lot to talk about that they didn’t want young ears to hear. So, you were always shushed out of the room.

It was a rule in my grandfather’s house that children should not be in the same room as adults when adults are drinking alcoholic beverages.  Heck, I don’t think the women in the house were in there either.  It seemed to be a “man” thing.  The women served the men if they needed ice or there was spill but they didn’t sit down and drink with them.  The women in the house congregated in the kitchen.

Just thinking of those times give me warm loving feeling of Christmas.  Now, it’s my turn to be charitable, loving and provide a wonderful Christmas for my grandchildren.

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