Food for Thought – Statistics on Children in America

These number were published in the
Children Defense Fund Report 2007

Each day in America:


4 children are killed by abuse or neglect.

5 children or teens commit suicide.

8 children or teens are killed by firearms.

33 children or teens die from accidents.

77 babies die before their first birthdays.

192 children are arrested for violent crimes.

383 children are arrested for drug abuse.

906 babies are born at low birthweight.

1,153 babies are born to teen mothers.

1,672 public school students are corporally punished.

1,879 babies are born without health insurance.

2,261 high school students drop out.

2,383 children are confirmed as abused or neglected.

2,411 babies are born into poverty.

2,494 babies are born to mothers who are not high school graduates.

4,017 babies are born to unmarried mothers.

4,302 children are arrested.

17,132 public school students are su

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