How many Black children you know considered at-risk?

The Children Defense Fund report states that children who are considered at risk are those who live in poverty.  How many kids do you know personally that live in poverty?  I think we need to define what’s the definition of  “poverty” according to theUnited Statesgovernment.  Well, the government is using a dollar ($) measure in calculating if a person is living poverty.  For example, a family of 4 living in poverty is making $22,050 or less.  A table is used in the calculation that was created in 1960.  Everyone agrees that it’s outdated but no one is doing anything about the guide so the “poor” is being taken advantage of again by the very source they look to for help, the government.
Another risk is babies born to young single moms. In the Black community its almost a normal state to see single moms and their children.  Yes, its more than just one child born to a single parent.  Even the girls/young ladies that tote bibles to church on Sunday morning are having babies.  And in some cases the father is never mentioned even during the pregnancy. 

So how many children do you know that are at risk because of being born into poverty and born to young single mothers too?

One thought on “How many Black children you know considered at-risk?”

  1. I see them walking to school everyday. What’s so sad is the school has the reputation of being at basic or below basic. So, what does that say about the children who live in poverty and attend that school.

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