MLK Memorial Dedication – DC

I’m so spiritually full today.  I had the privilege and honor to attend the dedication ceremony of Martin Luther King Jr. statue on the Mall in Washington, DC.  My heart is so full today of pride and awesome wonder that MLK is the only Black man there among the great presidents.  What a historic event.  And, what really made the day was knowing this project was started by a Black fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.  A 1911 established fraternity that Martin had membership to as well as other historically great Black men like W.E.B. Dubois, Frederick Douglass and Thurgood Marshall to name a few.  The day was full of buses from different states merging on DC for this historical event.  I took my granddaughters along because I’m the grandma that want them to know that our ancestors were slaves and this is the road they walked, stumbled and ran down that allows us the freedoms we have today.  But the struggles or journey is not over yet.
We have new struggles ahead and there were those who spoke about them from the podium.  Like Al Sharpeton and Marian Wright Edelmen.  I found Marian’s short speech echoing in my heart.  Yes, I agree too many of our young Black males are in prison.  Often, I wonder what conspiracy is this that leads are sons down the road to prison.  And the light bulb went off with the Edelmen’s speech.  She used the term “from cradle to prison” and the age 10.  I have long suspected that 10 year old little Black boys were targeted by law enforcement.  My nephew at 10 years old was considered loitering by sitting on a curb.  Was his mother called?  Yes, after he was put in a police car and was on his way downtown to be fingerprinted.  What the hell is going on.  If he was white, I don’t believe such action would have take place.  Unfortunately, my sister isn’t a complainer and went along with them taking her son downtown for fingerprinting.

Mothers someone has declared war on our boys!  In my Sofia voice(Color Purple), “What is we gonna do???

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