Politics and Politicians


Just when I was starting to like Herman Cain, Black republic, he goes and says something stupid like, he doesn’t believe racism holds African Americans back.

What world is he living in because it ain’t my world?  Walk in my shoes or better yet walk in my grandson’s shoes.  Jobs don’t come easy when you are Black and there is an economic down-turn and whites are only hiring other whites.  This is another case of “I got mine now you get yours” attitude of those who have made it to the level playing field.  As the former CEO of  Godfather’s Pizza, I would say he was blessed with a good home growing up; college education and the motivation that is need to succeed.  But, did he ever reach back to bring someone else along or mentor anyone? We know favor aint fair.

They said he used the “race card” when Rick Perry was insensitive to Blacks because he vacations at a place named “Niggerhead” that makes me wonder what they were doing. We know them Texans ain’t shy about dragging a brother for sport. Any way, I started listening to this republic brother, Herman Cain, who has thrown his hat in the ring as a serious contender in the race for president of the United States.  Now, I’m sure I will not listen to anything he has to say after a statement that minimizes the racial injustice that still occur in this country daily to those less fortunate than himself.  Power to the people!

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