He so crazy… Dave Chappelle

Have you ever wondered what happen with Dave Chappelle the Comedian?  You know the Black man who turned down $50 million dollars from Comedy Central and rushed toAfrica. 

You know, if the network offered him $50 million dollars it makes you wonder what they would want next from Dave.  His skits were often on the racy side.  The kind of skits that I would hear young Black teens laughing so hard they can hardly breathe. I had to watch out of curiosity.  Some skits were so close to the line of insultingly stereo-typical that I had to wonder if he was turning into someone who wants to constantly shock you until someone says they had enough and held a public protest.  But, it turns out that Chappelle himself stopped the madness.

I am a bit confused about what happened next.  I assumed as a skilled comedian, he would continue to provide entertainment.   So, when I heard he was performing stand up comedy, I wasn’t surprised.  The show July 23rd in Seminole Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, FL, where Chappelle stood on stage for the entire show, texting on his phone and sighing the whole time.  Then the following Monday,  he went on a San Francisco radio show and explained he was in shock at the audience filming him with their phones and hurling obscenities.  Is this a sensitive Chappelle or plain bipolar?

That’s what I’m thinking, Dave has issues.  Some folks in the entertainment industry have or been know to have mental health issues.  As Ned Beatty, the actor, once said, “I’ve had this problem since I was in my 20s. They don’t call it manic depression anymore. They call it a bipolar disorder, and I’m a Type 2” (1998).  He explained how it didn’t interfere with his career but there are those who didn’t fair so well. Lois Lanefor one, Margo Kidder, of Superman fame suffered from bipolar.  Her odd behavior has been documented.  And, we can’t forget Martin Lawrence strange behavior that had everyone whispering about his mental health state.  The term “that nigga so crazy” may mean just that!!  We still love ya.

4 thoughts on “He so crazy… Dave Chappelle”

  1. There are also what is called a hypomanic episode which is a degree of mania. And if not mistaken hyperthymic episode which is still lesser than that. Not to mention anxiety episodes. It’s Dave’s private medical problems being known to the public because he is so famous. I hope he realizes drugs and alcohol seem to bring these mental issues up. Using drugs and alcohol to deal with reality and feelings will get you no where fast. I love Dave’s comedy and marvel at his talent. I hope to see his star shine bright again and never burn out or fade away like so many talented folks.

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