UC Berkeley Bake Sale – where you Pay By Race

On the campus of Berkeley a student group identified as a republican group initiated a bake sale and the prices depend on where you fall on the race spectrum.  The bake sale sign reads: white $2.00, Asian $1.50, Latino $1.00, Black $0.75 and Native American $.025, And all women $0.25 off.

The bake sale is to draw attention to pending legislation that would allow California universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity and national origin during the admissions process.  Kudos to the universities in California in developing legislation that would gives those that are born without the privilege of being white a chance at a high education.  Many folks feel its racist but let’s be real, if you are white you are born with the privilege of being part of the ruling class.  Life is not going to be as difficult for you as it would be for other nationalities.  Even in the  pricing structure you see how whites feel about the Native Americans.

Dick Gregory, comedian and activist , had an album called “Kent State” but he starts out talking about the cowboy (white man) who always needs an Indian.  When he was through with the Indian he turned his attention to the Black man (slave) and then others.  Finally,  the cowboy turns his children into the Indian and 4 laid dead at Kent State.  The cowboy always needs someone to be the Indian.  So even in this student groups thinking of sale prices the Indian is regarded less than women.  This bake sale is suppose to represent a negative note but it represents what the white man hates about giving us anything including a chance at a better life.

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