You Feel Me Now

D. L. Hughley was here this weekend and I was driving and listening to the radio, the radio station is new, and the DJs are not familiar at all.  The only Black station in town sold it to a religious entity.  I know as an urban dweller use to a diverse environment, I was missing something I hardly listened to, a hip hop station that but it also did gospels on Sunday and R&B on Saturday.  So, now we have a different number on the FM dial and we are starting to get news of happenings in the city for Black folks.  And, the DJ announces D. L. Hughley on the air.  Wow, an interview the station is starting to spread its wings a little now instead of non-stop music.

Hughley is not new to the city. After all, this performance at the local comedy club is not his first venue here.  The DJ asks about his stay here and then it begins.  Hughley described relaxing at a local bar talking to a couple of local guys.  And, this is a perfect example why you should not  discuss  politics in mixed company.  Well, the one guy says he voted twice for Bush and he is not voting for another Texan and he ain’t going to vote for a “jig.”  Haven’t heard the word in a while.

Hughley asked him what is a “jig” but he tried to side-step the question. Hughley would not be denied his answer and the guy’s buddy said, “He didn’t mean anything by it.” Subsequently, he offered to buy Hughley a drink.  Hughley responded, “No, I’ll go to a jig’s place and get a free drink.” 

Hughley said it reminds you know that you are near the Allegheny Mountains.

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