Health Matters


The Ten  Leading Causes of death in the U.S.(2001) Black Americans

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Unintentional injuries
  • Diabetes
  • Homicide
  • Chronic lower respiratory disease
  • Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome and Nephrosis
  • Septicemia

The last two “leading causes” I had to look up. Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome and Nephrosis is the various disorders that damage the kidneys.  Something we should definitely strive to maintain healthy kidneys.  When you have diagnoses of diabetes and/or high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol you are high risk of an event.  I use and/or because most Black folks I know have more than one diagnosis. 

Septicemia is a serious, life-threatening infection that gets worse very quickly. It can arise from infections throughout the body, including infections in the lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract. It may come before or at the same time as infections of the bone (osteomyelitis), central nervous system (meningitis), heart (endocarditis), or other tissues. (MedlinePlus – NIH)

Black women are not fairing well at all in the national statistics produced by the CDC.(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 

  • Percent of men 20 years and over who are obese: 37%
  • Percent of women 20 years and over who are obese: 51%
  • Percent of men 20 years and over with hypertension: 39%
  • Percent of women 20 years and over with hypertension: 44%

These kind of statistics show that Black women are fatter and worry a lot more than men.  We know why we have high blood pressure.  Some of us are carrying a lot on our shoulders because we are head of household.  And to hear the stats on marriage for Black women makes you cry for your daughters.  Our sons fair even worst because of the stats on incarceration not to mention some Black mothers struggling to keep their sons alive.  Unfortunately, Black men are labeled as not likely to use healthcare.  So why is that? Could be that they don’t have healthcare that’s why they don’t use it.

Recently, National Institute of Health is concerned about the health ofAmericaand especially the Black population. Our poor health stats has created the need for  research projects for public health.  It has become popular to reach out to Black churches and barbershops as venues for health fares to attract Black participants.  That’s how serious it is folks.  We are dying and our bad habits are killing us.  We Blacks inAmericahave to be diligent in taking care of ourselves and that means educating ourselves on a healthy diet and exercise for our children as well.  Michelle Obama has given us a new guide and its a plate to guide us in planning health meals.  The plate was created by the Agriculture Department with advice from the Michelle’s anti-obesity team and federal health officials. The “plate” replaces the “pyramid” model. Let’s support Michelle’s effort to become a much more healthierAmerica.


the plate

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